Why The Scottsdale, Arizona Tater Tot And Beer Festival Always Sells Out Early

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As many people have come to recognize, certain types of personalities tend to congregate at the same entertainment venues. That’s more than obvious when you attend any kind of craft beer event since you’ll see that they love the same kinds of music and food along with their pints of locally brewed craft beer. That stereotype is played out each year at the Scottsdale, Arizona Tater Tots and Beer Festival that is usually held in the middle of November each year. This is a unique event not found anywhere else in the US and it has generated a huge repeat following that is growing in number every year.

Hundreds Of The Local Breweries Will Be There Serving The Best

Arizona has become a hot spot for locally brewed craft beers and there are now dozens of breweries situated throughout the state. There will be dozens of these breweries represented at the Tater Tots and Beer Festival as well. There are always last minute additions that can be a surprise since they’ll bring with them a new, not previously released beer, for the festival goers to try for the very first time.

In an average year there are approximately 40 different breweries represented, some with more than one beer type and flavor, so you need to keep your samples small early in the day in order to taste as many different types as possible. Each person is stamped at every sampling and you’re allowed to sample up to 30 options in a 3-hour session. There will also be hundreds of different recipes served up made from tater tots, those cute little tots made from potatoes that we all know and love. You’ll be astounded at the creations that the many food servers have invented using tater tots, some are absolutely delicious.

There are always multiple bands playing throughout the day and into the night with various types and styles of music. You can find a complete schedule online and they will be passed out at the entrance to the festival as well. Make sure you buy your entrance tickets early as this particular festival always sells out rapidly and there are never tickets available at the gate. You should also be aware that many of the beers and tater tot creations are designed to run out near the end of the festival so that there is little or no waste. For this reason you should get your sampling done early and then relax and listen to the music as the night winds down.

If you haven’t attended one of these great tasting events in Scottsdale, Arizona before you’re in for a real surprising evening. The beers are fantastic and the food unreal, plus the music fits right in with the venue, you’ll come back year after year.